Eye Emergencies


The following conditions are some of the common eye emergencies which should be seen urgently. If it is after hours or on the weekend, the ophthalmologist on call will determine the timing of the evaluation.

  • Any direct trauma to the eye, particularly if the eye is hit with a high velocity object.
  • Any sudden loss of vision, painful or otherwise.
  • New floaters, or a curtain or shadow in your vision.
  • A red, painful eye in a contact lens wearer, which is not relieved by removing the contact lens.

Our physicians provide emergency services through Columbus Community Hospital. If you are an existing patient, please contact the hospital (979-732-2371). The physician on duty will return your call. If you are not an existing patient, you will need to be evaluated by the Emergency Physician at Columbus Community Hospital. Our physicians provide comprehensive surgical care if needed.

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